Electric motor rewinds


Motors are our meat and drink…at MTP we can rewind and repair all types of motor, AC or DC, big or small.

We can  also provide three phase AC, single phase AC, or DC motors either from stock or on short delivery times.

Our standard stock motor is manufactured by Marathon.  It is a first class industrial motor, we love it and we stock up to 37kW for immediate delivery.

We also supply motors from TEC, Rotor, Brook Hansen, ABB, AEG Lafert and VEM.

If it’s not on our shelves we can get it without delay…other manufacturers that we supply and support include AER, Astrosyn, Baldor, Bonfiglioli, Brook, Bull, Crompton Greaves, Electro Adda, Elektrim, EMD, EMG, Euromotor, Exico, FDD, Fracmo, Gorton, Groschopp, Leeson, Leroy – Somer, Loher, Mawdsley, Mez, Parvalux, Phytron, Remco, Reliance, SEM, WEG and Woods.

Motors are a specialist area…don’t worry if yours is unusual…we can supply most other makes of motor whether it is brake, slip ring, servo etc for many specialist applications.

Please click here if you want us to help you find a particular motor.

Bearings over greased
Burnt out windings


Standard Electric motor dimensions.

Approximate start capacitor values for single phase motors.

Use only if you have no info on your capacitor or motor nameplate